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čet., 31. okt.


One Flame - Soraja & Queya

Star Shaman Circle - DEATH

The last of the 3 Star Shaman circles - channeling wisdom of the Star Elders

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Star Shaman Circle - DEATH
Star Shaman Circle - DEATH

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31. okt. 2019, 18:00 – 20:00

One Flame - Soraja & Queya, Ulica Pariške komune 19, Maribor, Slovenia

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This time a special journey through three events has been called into life, offering you an experience of a Star Shaman Circle, which will be held in three distinctly selected dates in the sacred space of the One Flame portal behind the Red door.

The energies, that will be present intended the following message to be shared with you:

We are the Star Shamans, souls, who's energies are in their wholeness always present in any and all realties, carrying Source wisdom and absolute awareness of Self as a whole part of the wholeness of the universe. We delight in the title of being the bridges between worlds, bridges between the heavens and earth. We come from everywhere and beyond and travel in all directions and further. Our presence on earth always came into being upon our response to the calls of souls, that are guided by us through their unique path. We are known as the shamans of the ancient people, as the wiseman, the tribal leaders and by many other names. This time we are present, to guide and direct you through our energies in this reality, those of Tina and Karl. You shall receive a calling to a journey from birth, through the transition of life to death, which is the experience of rebirth. To respond to it, is of your choosing.

STAR SHAMAN CIRCLE I – BIRTH The first transformational gathering of the Star Elders beneath the Black Moon Saturday, 28.09.2019 at 18:00

What do you understand as the concept of birth? Does it mean a new beginning or an end? Think about what we are trying to tell you. As you are being born into the physical body on Earth, you also begin the process of ageing. In the moment of birth, you start your journey towards the last moment of the chosen life in the chosen reality. We understand, that this is not your way of perception and that's perfectly acceptable. But we have arrived to share with you that part of awareness in this reality, which your physical body cannot access and is now, finally, prepared to accept. Your soul is finally ready to enter your body and expand its awareness within, while accompanying it on its path through life to its final moment of death. In this first gathering, we will share our wisdom, the wisdom of the Star Shamans, whose aspects are present only in a few souls walking this earth. These souls have chosen to walk only the path of someone, who shares wisdom and awareness with others. You should understand, that only those of you, who are ready, will receive the calling and respond to it. We are already working with you from beyond time and space, preparing you fort his journey. So, let us begin…

STAR SHAMAN CIRCLE II – LIFE The second transformational gathering of the Star Elders beneath the Full Moon Monday, 14.10.2019 at 18:00

In the second gathering, you will be presented with the Source wisdom keys to a fulfilled life. The keys or the directions received will be merely a side effect of the activation or the upgrade of your Soul's blueprints. Did you ever feel you are living, but not allowed to breathe? Well, that is simply because no one has ever taught you to live your own way. Each soul has its own life purpose and its own way to live a life, that it chose. There is no universal way. To come to that understanding, it is first required to become aware of one's self-awareness. You will understand, for each one of you as a soul will receive its own unique directions and all that you will remember, will bring changes in your life as well as the perception of life itself.

STAR SHAMAN CIRCLE III – DEATH The third transformational gathering of the Star Elders on Samhain – the day when the veil between realities comes down Thrusday, 31.10.2019 at 18:00

Now, this is it. That one thing you deeply fear yet at the same time perceive as a journey back home. It resonates with the ancient yearly events, repeating themselves and known under countless names. Death symbolizes the end of something fruitful, in this case of life itself and a beginning of a dark period, whatever you perceive it to be. In this gathering, we will present to you the Key to the awareness of Self as an endless being, an energy, which has arrived into this earthly body with one purpose only – to remind other souls, that the light and the darkness, birth and death, all are simply cycles, spirals made of infinitive repetitive moments in each of which a soul is experiencing either birth or death. You will receive the Source code of your Soul's immortality and the process of its integration into this physical body will be activated. With it you will receive the Source truth and an exit out of the matrix of time and space. The way you will receive, accept and perceive the last words given to you, will reflect your awareness in the given moment. Upon the completion of this process, you will become aware of the difference in your perception of these words.

*** You can join the transmissions and gatherings in person in the sacred space of One Flame or in the form of long-distance transmissions. We always and continuously work beyond time and space.

In these gatherings, you will receive individual messages and directions from the Source Star Elders or Shamans, which will walk with you as you continue your path of a new beginning.

The number of participants in the live gatherings is limited. To ensure your space, send us an email to:, only when you are clear about your intention to join this journey. You will receive all the needed instructions in our reply.

Energy exchange: 33,00 EUR / per event All three events: 99,00 EUR

You may choose only one, but it is advised to take part in all three.

With uncompromised respect,

Karl, Tina & The Star Shamans 

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