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pet., 18. feb.



Group Regression

Insight into past/parallel lives, connecting with your Spirit Guides, anchoring Soul Wisdom

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Group Regression
Group Regression

Ura in lokacija

18. feb. 2022, 18:00 – 21:00



O dogodku

Each thought, choice and emotion of every single moment a soul experiences is recorded in its archives.

These Source archives are an incredible treasury of wisdom not only of the Earth plane, but also of all the other physical planes, and there are many.

Join me on a journey of discovering your Soul's archives and wisdom, intended to help you remember that, which your mind was taught to forget, but your Soul always knows.

I will guide you into a deep state of consciousness, which will allow you to access a life experience in another time and space and help you understand your current actions, choices, imprints and relationships.

The session includes a clear connection with your Spirit Guide, who will give you a message/guidance you need in your current life situation.

You'll spend time in the frequency of your Source consciousness, wisdom and clarity. It will help you remember, that you are exactly where you are meant to be and help you see a wider perspective of yourself and your life purpose.

What you need for the session is a quiet comfortable space, where you can work undisturbed and speak your mind, a pen and paper to write down your insights and a good internet connection.

The group session is also a good base for further individual work through SSC - Source Self Connection. You'll get to know me, experience my way of working and activate a connection to your Source Self, which increases the quality level of the individual session. (Find out more here: )

To join the group regression, write to:

Energy exchange: 45,00 €

Looking forward to our magical soul journey,


Deli ta dogodek

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